Wednesday, February 15, 2017

So little time...

Today was one of those days that included every task imaginable plus some. I did laundry, worked, made dinner, washed dishes, cleaned counters, organized closets, tended to dogs, employees, customers, and spent the day checking Twitter looking for any new stories about our failing government. I'm so tired I can't keep my head upright. Last night I had insomnia and only had two hours sleep, which is complicating my current need to try and write, because what I really need now is to tell myself I'm not doing enough. It's like stabbing myself with a fork while I drown in quicksand.

On a brighter note I listened to some great podcasts this week. One is called The Room Where It's Happening: A Hamilton Fan Podcast - Ep 14 with Alex Lacamoire. It was so inspiring to hear a creator talk (and play) about the process. I love the Hamilton songs and hope that some day I'll see the musical, but until then I'm kept happy with shows like this. Another podcast I listened to was The History Chicks - Ep 82 on Lucille Ball. What an amazing story and those two ladies cover the details so well. I texted a friend halfway through the episode telling her to listen, but she already had and agreed it was amazing.

I finished the first part of the Writing Tools book (by Roy Peter Clark) and loved the chapter on punctuation. It has been such an interesting journey to see how different people edit my work. Some add commas, some remove them, some like dashes, some colons. It is ultimately my call, my voice, but since I have issues with self-trust...I will leave the punctuation to the experts.

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