Saturday, February 11, 2017


Curbing the -ings and mastering long sentences are what I've read about recently. I use a lot of -ings. You could say I'm addicted to -ings. There should be a self-help group for the -ings. We could call ourselves Ingings.

I need to get serious about writing again. I need to learn how to destress from the workday in a manner that leads me to my computer rather than a blankie, my living room chair, and You Tube videos. In a couple of weeks I start editing my middle grade book. I'm hoping that the active process will encourage active writing on other things - like the June book.

But I think I've figured out that self-doubt is crippling me. The voice in my head that tells me I'm a quack is super loud right now. But I might have a solution, only the solution involves jogging, which hurts my knees, so the solution to one problem will be an instigator of another. Something like life...I think.

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