Thursday, February 2, 2017


Today was crazy. I thought I was organized. Worked until late last night getting organized, only to find out that I was, in fact, so disorganized my to dos melted into my have dones and should haves. So I start over. A task that feels so shameful in its repetition. Getting Organized.

I read the second chapter in Writing Tools, by Roy Peter Clark. This one was on word order in sentences. Put the emphasis on the end and the beginning of the sentence. This again, is something that doesn't come naturally in my first draft stages, but in the edits, when I'm reading the work aloud, I will arrange and move and tweak until the sentences flow. I don't always succeed (especially not in my earlier work), but I'm beginning to think I can hear the melody better.

My son earned his permit today so he can begin learning how to drive. Yesterday he was just a little thing, clutching my hand, surrounding himself with his stuffed dogs, and planting stickers on every surface in my house.

I'm currently experiencing a love/hate relationship with time and plan on drowning myself in ice cream later. Seems justified.

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