Saturday, February 4, 2017

Meditating a hairdo

I meditated last night. I'm not a person who meditates. I don't have a history with meditation, however, I did it and it was helpful. I will meditate again. More importantly, during that meditation I decided on a game plan for my hair. I haven't been happy with my hair. My hairline is receding and the length is too long in the back (which is the worst kind of mullet). So, today, inspired by my deep breathing and relaxation, I asked my hairdresser to cut my hair in such a way that I could achieve gravity-defying anime locks. It turned out well.

I went to the mall with my son today. He'd been deprived Cheesecake Factory for two years (according to him...I don't believe it's been that long...but a teenager's estimation of time elapsed between restaurant visits is entertaining exaggerated soap operas). After lunch we shopped and I spent an uncomfortable amount of time in a store called Lush. While my son perused the bath bombs I stood in the corner trying facial moisturizers on my hand. Two nice people asked me if I needed help. I smiled, babbled something incoherent, and they went away. I'm not sure what it is about that store, but every anti-social tendency I have is aggravated by it.

Spent a while on the phone with my grandmother...who is awesome.

In the late afternoon we recorded two episodes of Wekk. They were good. I'm looking forward to editing them.

Today's chapter of Writing Tools by Roy Peter Clark is on passive verbs. The message was good, but the last paragraph has this sentence in it - "In his essay "Politics and the English Language," George Orwell describes the relationship between language abuse and political abuse, how corrupt leaders use the passive voice to obscure unspeakable truths and shroud responsibility for their actions." Time to look for passive voice in Trump's tweets. I'll call it writing homework.

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